Here’s a short little test that I worked up many years ago specifically for using for Linux SysOps candidates and I thought I would share it for anyone who would like to use it.  It measures a few things.  Firstly, of course, it tests for basic familiarity with Linux but more importantly, how well a candidate can follow instructions.  This is probably the most important trait to have where critical systems are involved and most of the operator actions are pre-scripted.  I have found the last part of the test on page 3 will identify detail-oriented candidates for you quite effectively and weed out the rest.  I’ve put it in PDF format so you can print it easily.

Click on the thumbnail below to download it.

Link for Linux Sys Ops test download
Click to download the Linux Sys Ops test (PDF format)

I’m sure the last part also can easily be adapted for other non-linux oriented roles that require good traits for focus, memory and precision.

I can post up the answer key, but really if you don’t already know the answers, you probably shouldn’t be administering this test!